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I’ve always known there was a “prime time” to post on Instagram to get the most amount of likes and posting at least twice a week was quality work. *cue eyeroll here* But what I didn’t always know was those prime times of consistently sharing content actually exist for businesses - not just for selfies.

It’s like the pictures you share on Facebook that your grandma sees vs. the pictures you’re tagged in from last Saturday night (untag yourself in those). You’re choosing to share content to a specific audience. This is the same tool businesses use to help produce, develop and promote content.

Why to share

Constantly producing content on a regular basis is critical to your inbound marketing efforts. It not only increases your search engine rankings but creates an online presence and helps you develop into a thought leader for your industry.

First, you’ll want to do some research to be sure you’re writing for the right people on the right topics at the right time. I’ll help you on where to start.

Who to share

Before you go posting all willy-nilly, your content should have a purpose. Write and create your content for your buyer personas; semi-fictional representations of your ideal customer.

Create content for each stage of your buyer's journey for the awareness stage (top of the funnel), consideration stage (middle of the funnel), and decision stage (bottom of the funnel).

Where to share

Produce the right kind of content that works for your business. Again, think of your buyer personas, your buyer's journey and how your customers would best want to hear from you.

Share your content in forms of blogs, ebooks, case studies, emails, podcasts, videos, etc. Get more exposure by sharing on social media platforms that work for your business like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or even Pinterest.

When to share

Every business is different based on your product, goals, region, message, etc. See when your customers are most likely to engage and schedule your content to be posted on your website and social platforms accordingly.

There is enough data out there in the universe that tells us the best time to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out the chart below for social posting best practices. Use this as a guide to decide what works for your business.

17-PMI-1185 - PMI Blog Social Times Chart.jpg

W-After you share (the 5th W - kind of)

Keep up to date on content strategy through your social and editorial calendar by maintaining the living, breathing document when content is ready to go live, scheduled to go live and has launched.

Analyze the data to see what works, what needs tweaking, or what doesn’t work at all.  Need some help getting started? Download our social media planning template here or click the button below:

Download Your Social Planning Worksheet

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