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We’re back. In the first blog to this series The First Two Tips You Need In Delivering Client Success we dove into the steps conducting content audits and goal setting with your client. To familiarize yourself, click here and then we’re ready for the other two tips and putting it all together.

Creating a Strategy Plan

Well said by HubSpot, a strategy plan “gives you a documented path to achieve your goals and helps you to demonstrate long-term strategic direction and helps you manage client expectations”. The plan must be agile - a living, breathing, changing document.

The strategy plan should begin as early as the sales process. When the client agrees what services they are interested in, create a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for them to review and sign. Throughout the creation, always be sure to double check with your client the goals are still correct.

Include the factors below to create a successful strategy plan.

Create buyer personas which are semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on the real research and data of your existing customers. Typically, you will focus on three different buyer personas and their needs in each stage of the buyer’s journey. In order to do so, ask questions like:

  • What are their interests? Their pain points? What are they interested in learning more about? How does this persona make decisions through the buyer’s journey?

Download our free buyer’s persona template here.

Identify campaigns and themes for each buyer persona that provide a solution to their problem.

Conduct keyword research because each of your personas will be using different search terms to find you based on where they are in the buyer’s journey. Identify keywords and use those keywords to plan content around them and begin ranking for search engine results. You’ll be able to see what search terms are the most popular and will have the most impact for your campaigns.

Create a 12 month strategic plan and highlight your goals, campaigns, timelines and tactics. This is the place to include all of your details including the outline of the campaign, budgets, execution plans, reporting style, and channels for delivery such as blogs, email marketing, paid search or marketing automation.

Delivering Value

It’s not only important to demonstrate numerical data to your clients but the value of what you’re doing to achieve those goals.

Building a foundation of trust with your client is crucial. Lead them - don’t just manage them. Remind them why your actions bring value and benefit their company.

Be proactive instead of reactive. Your clients have other responsibilities besides their marketing and inbound efforts and are looking for a partner to help them.

Set clear communication expectations on both ends in the onboarding phase. Ask your client how often they’d like to meet with you. Recommend recurring weekly statuses via phone and/or monthly results meetings in person. Figure out what works best for your clients needs and what is right for them because not all communications work for each client.

Sometimes you’ll want to do work for your clients that aren’t agreed in your SLA. Most times - avoid this. If your client has a want or idea that is outside of scope, document the idea and save it for later when you can address it in a monthly review.

Make sure your reports are aligned with the goals you set previously with your client. Before reporting, ask your client what data they’re looking for.  Create reports that are both comprehensive and comprehendible.

And that’s it. Implement all four these quick tips in delivering client success and you’re off to the races. Not literally but you’re definitely on the right track. For all the details, check out the Delivering Client Success Certification in HubSpot or download our free digital marketing assessment by clicking here or the button below:

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